Jaw dropping

By, sharmaine room 18

Question, what kind of liquids will dissolve my jawbreaker the fastest.

Hypothesis, if I use soda, vinegar, and salt water then the soda will dissolve the jawbreaker the fastest because it's sprite so it has citric acids and carbonated water.

Variables,    Manipulated: I have three different liquids.      Controlled: same brand of cups and same brand of  jawbreakers.       Responding: how much the jawbreakers dissolve.

Materials, 3 cups of the same kind,  sada ( sprite), salt water, vinegar, 3jawbreakers, marker ( sharpie )

Procedure, 1. Gather all your materials, 2. Take a sharpie and label cups a, b, or c, 3. Pour salt water into cup a, 4. Pour soda into cup b, 5.pour vinegar into cup c, 6.put a jawbreaker into each cup, 7. Every other hour turn jawbreakers 90 degrees, 8. Collect data every hour.

Conclusion, My hypothesis was incorrect I said that the Sprite would dissolve the jawbreaker the fastest but from the data I took it shows that the vinegar dissolved the jawbreaker in less than 3 and a 1\2 hours, then the jawbreaker in the sprite took about 4 hours, and the one in saltwater took close to 4 and a 1\2 hours.

Research, Each large, multicolored candy is over an inch in diameter and features five layers of fruity fun. But when you finally arrive at the core of the sweet, you might find yourself in a sticky situation -- with a block of yummy chewing gum! Jawbreakers usually consist of a number of layers, each layer dissolving to reveal a different colored (and sometimes differently flavored ) layer, before dissolving completely. Jawbreakers are sucked or licked, being too hard to bite without risking dental damage.