BATMAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 7, 1978

  This is my first journal entry. Today, my parents died. Now, Alfred is the only family I have left. When I grow up, I'll avenge my parents and all the injustice in this world.

March 7, 1979

  Today I fell into a cave. I had never seen it until then. The weird thing is, it was exactly one year after my parent died. In there I realized who I must become.

January 16, 1990

  It has been a while since I last wrote. Well, actually its been nineteen years, but those were uninteresting. Waiting and waiting till Alfred would finally let me out of the house on my own. When he finally let me out, I left and spent the rest of my life training with the League of Shadows. My final test is tomorrow.

January 17, 1990

  My test was today. I think I would have passed if I didn't realize that the League of Shadows didn't want injustice. Now, I am in the middle of nowhere. I am cold and tired and hungry.

January 24, 1990

  Today I found a town. I am exhausted from walking. I'm staying at the local inn. Its been so long since I left Gotham. Everybody probably thinks I'm dead. Tomorrow, I will head back to Gotham.

February 1, 1990

  I have Made it back to Gotham. Alfred was very happy to see that I was still alive. I also discovered another way into the cave I found long ago. Turns out, it is a lot bigger than I  thought it was. I call it the Batcave and myself Batman.

February 8, 1990

  For the past week, I have been developing a bat suit. It is bullet proof, flame resistant, and it even lets me glide. I have also equipt it with my gadgets I have made. Also, My batmobile is almost finished. Next time crime strikes, I'll be ready.


February 10, 1990

  Today, I Caught my first crook. He had just robbed a jewelry store on Anonymous Avenue.  Then out of nowhere, WHAM!, he was knocked to the ground. I could get used to being batman.

June 12, 1990

  Its been about 3 months since i last wrote, but I have been occupied catching crooks all around Gotham. I'm also all over the news. "Who is this Batman?" most reporters say after my deeds of justice. Nobody knows that I am Batman, except for Alfred.

June 20, 1990

  Something has been wrong lately. People all around Gotham are being put into loony bins, going crazy all of a sudden. Turns out, there is a man behind this. They call him the Scarecrow. I'm going to bring him to justice.

June 26, 1990

  Today was my first encounter with this so - called "Scarecrow". Unfortunately, he got away. Right when I was about to hit him across the face, He spayed me with this gas. At first, Nothing happened, but then, I started seeing things. Things so scary, I can't describe them. When I finally snapped out of, he was gone. Next time, he won't get away.

June 30, 1990

  I've tracked him down. He is hiding in an old shack near the Gotham dam. I have decided to wait until tomorrow. Alfred is worried that I will get hurt, but I am going anyway. Tomorrow is this guys last day of out of prison.

July 1, 1990

  I got him. He didn't go easily thou. When I smashed thru the old wooden wall, I realized why he was near the dam. He was going to poison the Gotham's water supply! "So you've found me Batman", he said. Then, he kicked me in the gut. ''OOF,'' I said. He tried to hit me with his gas, but, ''WOOSH!,'' I rolled out of the way just in time. After that, I hit him hit in the face. "GRR, " he was angry.

+.3 He tried to hit me with the gas again, but this time when I dodged it, I pretended to be hit. Right when he was close enough, ''KAPOW!!!,'' I hit him so hard, he was knocked out. I dropped him off at The police station. Now, the city of Gotham can rest peacefully.

BATMAN AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!