Fritz Enterprises: Motivational Seminar

January 1st, 2015

Michael Jordan: Humanistic Theory

Michael will be speaking about his life and success as a basketball player. As a young child, Jordan experienced things that motivated him to become the best. His drive for self actualization and achieving his full potential drove him to become the best basketball player of all time. He experienced fully Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. He was given his physiological needs and achieved self-actualization when he became one of the most famous and known basketball players of all time.

January 2nd, 2015

Barack Obama: Psychological Needs

President Obama will address the different psychological needs that stimulate our senses. For some people, little stimulation satisfies their bodies and meets their needs. For others however, they need to do extreme things to find pleasure. President Obama is one of those extremists.  He works and makes decisions in high pressure and high stakes situations very often. He has a lot of power as the president of the United States, and the power makes all his psychological needs met.

January 3rd, 2015

Bill Gates: Performance and Learning Goals, Extrinsic and Intrinsic Rewards

Mr. Gates is one of the most successful men in the world. His achievements can be seen though his performance and learning goals.  When Gates created Microsoft, his motive was to make money, and that he did. That is demonstration of a performance goal. Another motive for creating Microsoft was because Gates enjoyed computers.  This is a demonstration of learning goal because he did it because of his love for it. One of his extrinsic rewards that he received was all the money and fame he received from creating it. An intrinsic reward that he got was the satisfaction in himself for changing the way computers would function and making the world a more productive place.

January 4th, 2015

Mike Zimmer: Management and Its Effects

Mike Zimmer is the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings went from a very disorganized, lack luster team, to a promising, young team under Zimmer. His masterful way of managing and making decisions completely transformed the Vikings franchise. He is living proof of what management and organization can do for you. It creates a better and happier person and creates more self confidence in yourself. It makes your life so much easier and boosts your mood up to where you're willing to tackle any task.

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