Email Etiquette Notes

Adriana vazquez

1. Do not send chains.If you do there can be a problem

2. Be concise and to the point. If you are not they can get confused.

3. Do not attach unnecessary files. If you do the person can get confused.

4. Include a greeting. If you don't they can feel offended.

5. Do not forward jokes,games,or chain letters to your teachers or classmates. If you do it can get a viruse.

6. Be careful with what you do email others If you are not they can take it in a mean way.

7.When you are sending attachments include in the email , the filename, what format it is and the version of the program. If you are not there computer can get damaged.

8. Avoid using negative words. If you don't you can get in trouble.

9. Use a professional font,not decorative. If you do they can think you don't care about the job.

10.Signatures should have helpful information like your name and grade. If you don't they may not know who you are.

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