We are the Three Musketeers here to tell you about the Evolution of Dance

There are many era's of dancing but we will be focusing on the time period from

1920's to 1980's.


In this picture, people are dancing in their outfits in the 1920's. They would wear dresses and have bands around their heads with feathers on them. Some dances they performed were "The Charleston,"  "The Waltz," "The Tango," and "The Foxtrot."


This couple is posing before a dance. Women's dance attire in the 1930's was more modest than the 1920's and the man's dance attire was a tux. Some popular dances were "The Dance Marathon," "The Big Apple," "The Jitterbug," and "Lindy Hop."


This couple is swing dancing in the 1940's. Some other popular dances during this time were "The Rumba" and "Jazz." Outfits worn while dancing were usually formal jackets with skirts and sometimes hats for women and formal jackets and pants for men, like in the picture above.


Women liked to wear wide colorful skirts while dancing in the 50's. Men usually wore formal shirts and pants with ties and sometimes suspenders. Some dances that were popular during this time were "The Stroll," "The Bop," and "Swing."


Popular dances in the 1960's included "The Twist" (like in the picture), "The Stroll," and "Mashed Potatoes." Outfits included colorful dresses with belts for the women and formal pants and shirts, usually with ties for men.


In the 70's popular attire for women was short, colorful dresses or pants with flaring legs with boots and men had long hair with bands around their heads and flaring pants. Dances that were popular included "The Hustle" and "Disco."


In the 1980's "The Running Man," "The Macarena," and "The Sprinkler" were all popular dances. Clothing worn included colorful or sparkly dresses for women and nice pants with plain shirts for men.

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