Exploration Proposal

Madam Jordan Farmer

*Madam Jordan and her partners will be a large success if we are provided with the money we will need to cover the costs of our voyage.

*When we reach the new land we will waste no time and will immediately start looking for what we came for which is gold and silver. If you fund us for this trip you shall get 50% of the profit.

*When we search for this gold and silver we will look in areas with rainy, mild climate where the ground is moist so it will make the job go much quicker.

*We will try to make our trip across the sea a fast as possible so we can get to the important part which is finding the gold and silver.

*We hope to find other things in the New Land that shall be of much worth such as new varieties of foods, plants, animals, and tools.

*We have spent lots of time planning this journey and will do our best for I have very high standards for myself and my partners.

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3 years ago

Hi Jordan. Look at my proposal, in Mr. Rae's period one class.

3 years ago

nice tack.