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by Kayla, Logan,Eli, Hallie and Tyler

Bob News is a new newspaper.Bob News got started when Kayla Bayless was writing a story about the states fair. Then Logan  and Tyler  wanted to join in and I said okay. Then Hallie and Dylan wanted to join in again I said okay. We are a big hit and now I am happy to say are newspapers are for sale!

Bob News is now allowing you fourth and fifth graders to VOTE! Go to  Kayla for even more info and we will ask you what we need to make Bob News way better than it is. thank you-

                                                                                                           the Bob News people

Bob News now for hire! I will now show you the steps you have to go through to be a part of the Bob News crew. Step 1 go to Logan,Eli,Hallie,Kayla and Tyler for papers. Step 2 make an article and hand it to Logan,Hallie,Eli,Kayla and Tyler. Step 3 wait for an answer then maybe  you are in who knows. thank you-

                                                                                                                   the Bob News people

map of where we are {Monticello} .

                                                                                    Bob News people

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