Japan had many things the loved. They loved fashion, jewerly and bright colors. The men wrote in Chinese and women wrote in Japanese. They have big beautiful buildings. They believe in the Buddha.

The nobles lived in courts. They tried to keep away from the common people. They loved elegance and beauty. They are big supporters of art, and loved all types.

They had gold jewelry and silk robes. Women wore long gowns made of 12 layers of colored silk. They carried decorative fans and attached flowers to them. Today they follow the latest trends and jump from thing to thing.

The women wrote in Japanese wile the men wrote in Chinese. Everyone wrote poetry.  The tale of Genji is consider the first tale and he was the empores favorite son. The type of poetry they liked, usually only had five lines.

They loved bright bold colors. Decorative writing was also a favorite in art. Nature was the biggest thing they loved to draw and make art out of. They follow other countries trend and jump from trend to trend.

Japan admired China's buildings. A lot of the buildings were made out of wood and tiled roof. The houses were very dull and not very bright.

They loved performing arts. They many great performers. They had acrobats, musicians, and jugglers. They like to follow trends and they will jump from thing to thing.

Pure land Buddha didn't have any special rituals. They had zen. People would practice zen for peace and harmony.  

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