A Receptionests Best Friend

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Are you a receptionist who needs a computer which is able to fulfil all your needs?

Then look no further because I will be telling you about the computer of your receptionists dreams.


These are all of the components you will need for your dream machine, you'll need:

An Inter Core i3-4370 would be the most effective and powerful possessor you could buy for a receptionist's computer.

For a receptionist one of the most important things, no not a cup of coffee, is memory, and the Corsair Vengeance holds more than enough memory for all of your documents.

If you need even MORE memory then you can always buy a Gigabyte GA-B85-HD3

As a receptionist you don't need a monitor which costs you £1,000 and breaks down the next day, the ViewSonic VA2246M-LED is not expensive enough that when it breaks you will cry because you lost a fortune, but it is not cheap enough that it will break down every 5 seconds.

In order to power your components then you are going to need a Corsair CX 500W Power Supply. This is not the most powerful power supply in the world, however your computer does not need a nuclear reactor to power it.

For a computer it is normal that you have a keyboard and mouse, however there are two main types of keyboards and mouses, so I will recommend that you purchase the Microsoft 600 wired desktop set (keyboard & mouse).

It is important for you to see your computer screen as a receptionist however you don't need to have your screen however you still need to see it, so I would recommend that you acquire a MSI GTX 650 2GB.

Now a computer case is an important part of a computer (well every parts important but still) However a simple case will contain all of your components and keep dust away from them so I present to you the BitFenix Neos Black ATX Mid Tower Case.

The Final thing that I know that a receptionist need to be able to talk to their business client then here is the Logitech OEM PC 860 Stereo Headset, you can talk to your customers, hearing every word and specking as clear as you possibly can to the customers.


As a receptionist you are going to need some software's to help you do your job I have listed the following software's which will make your job easier for you:

Microsoft Office 2014 is this amazing software which is used to create letters, documents, and spreadsheets too.

You might be familiar with this software, Windows 7 32-bit Professional, this is the most easiest way for you to connect to the internet and the grathical interfase (the thing you look at)


In topology there are 3 main different types they include, ring, star and how could you ever forget, bus.

For a receptionist I would recommend star. I would recommend the star because it is the most logical choice, it is the most common out of the three, it also has only one central switch or computer, this acts as the conduit to send data. In the star topology every computer and peripherals is connected to the a central node which is often know as the switch or hub.


There are two different types of networks you can Peer to Peer and a client server out of these two servers I would recommend that you get a client server, because a client server is more secure than a peer-to-peer network, and you will have better security for your files.

Network Components

Your computer is not the only thing that needs components, your network needs them to.

You can get a network interface card (NIC) can be inserted into your computer, so the computer can be connected to the network with the network interface controller, however the network interface card is used for specific networks only.

You could also get an ethernet cable, this is used to connect to the internet by using a cable which is plugged into the router and tada you have got the internet at your fingertips.

Network Connection Probloms

Don’t you hate it when your computer just decides to let the problems win, do you just want to throw that computer out of that window, well don’t, one because you would have to buy a new window and secondly you won’t be able to return that stupid computer. This little guide will tell you exactly how to deal with the massive computer problems.

Electrical Interference:

Do you know that if there are two parallel cables then it will catch more interference (trust me you don’t want all of that static in your ears) rather than if your cables are twisted. Also you want your cables to be fibber, the best fibber you can get is glass fibber cable however if you want this cable you are going to have to dig deep in your wallet or bank account. You could try a cheaper idea which is completely free, just move your router.

Unplugged cables:

Now this is one of the little problems that you might not think is the cause but if you are unsure just launch troubleshoot in order to be certain. If it’s not an unplugged cable then I suggest that you replace that cable.

Improperly Configured Settings:

When you first start your router up you need to complete settings and controls to make it run as smooth as possible. You can experience network problems especially if you accidentally change one of the settings. Make sure that you ask your router page that you have got all of your settings are on the recommended setting. If you have 0% of what you need to do phone the manufacturer and ask them, simples.

Conflicting Applications

Fun fact for you (well not really)did you know that the majority of self installed applications use a portion of the network bandwidth in order to give you the data. Some of these applications can give you a real back pain though because they are heavy and fat so they take up all of the room, which slows your computers network. Sometimes other applications have a bit of a tussle and don't agree well with each other and causes MORE network issues. To be certain that there is no fighting check your network manager.

Missing Updates

It can be something you easily over look because it is something that seam so simple and inconvenient that it could not possibly be the problem, think again. However it is easily fixed by guess what, that's right just updating that software.

Network Registration

Network registration is where you register a device (like a tablet or computer maybe even a phone) onto a network to be able to tap into the networks resources (like printers and software files and folders).

Software Licences

A software licences is what you must I repeat MUST have other wise if you have an illegal software then you will be charged a fine and be throwen into prison

There are 3 different types of software licences Single-User, Multi-User and lastly open source license, the best software licences for a receptionist is a multi-user license, the reason I believe that this is the best software licence because if another receptionist logs onto that computer then they will have all the software's you have installed on your computer and it makes it easier than logging onto a specific computer.

Software Installation Flow Diagram

Benefits and Implications of Software Installation

Software Installation Benefits

It allows you to have full access to the internet.

You can update your software to have new additions to the newer software version.

You are now able to contact the tech support to help you with all of your technical help for your software.

With the software's you have installed it can easily improve your productivity

If one of your software's goes kaput then you can replace it with a few clicks of the mouse.

Software Installation Implications

It could affect affect how fast your computer perform.

  You could accidentally download stupid browsers, toolbar and software you don't need/ want.

Your computer may not be up for the task because it does not have the specific requirements for the software you are trying to download.

Don't you hate it when you lose your service because it is a real pain in the ass.

Alternative System Set-Up

These are the alternative components you can use instead, if you preferred:

Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Desktop Keyboard and Mouse Set.

Panasonic KX-T7310 Telephone

I would also recommend that you use G-mail for an email.