Australia's fast food compared to America's fast food.

As hard as it is to believe that few years we had no idea what was in our burgers until now. So after watching Super Size Me I really saw what America's fast food is like then I wondered if Australia's fast food restaurant, McDonald's is any different. Well one super sized difference is us Australians don't have the Super Size menu which in my opinion is a good thing. The American McDonald's don't use the same ingredients as the Australian McDonald's, are our ingredients fresh compared to their's?

I remember hearing about Jamie Oliver making McDonald's (U.S.A) stop using the 'pink slime' ingredient in their burger recipe. Now I didn't know what ammonium hydroxide was until now but, it was being used by McDonald's to convert the fatty beef off cuts into a beef filler for its burgers, now what is ammonium hydroxide used for besides it previously being in beef. The 'slime' is commonly sold as window cleaner, floor cleaner, wood polish and of course a source of food (slime/pink slime) what ever you want to call it, it does not sound like it should be in food. The ammonium hydroxide is actually a serious threat to a person's health and thank you to Jamie Oliver he stopped this.

Besides McDonald's (U.S.A) food being gross, fatty and poisonous is there anything good about it? Probably not but what i want to know and what you might want to know is there any ammonium hydroxide, the 'pink slime' in our McDonald's meals? Lucky I have the answer. No there is no window cleaner in our food and McDonald's said so. So at least our food isn't as fatty and dangerous as America's but we still are becoming a fatter nation because of fast food but at least McDonald's Australia is trying to do something right. What i'm trying to say is it isn't that bad when it comes to comparing the fast food to Americas fast food, it's still bad for you but we are lucky none of that stuff like ammonium hydroxide and carbon monoxide is in our fast food. Do you think this is good that our fast food, McDonald's meals are not like American McDonald's food?

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