code name verity
By Elizabeth Wein

Julie and Maddie were best friends and they were both stationed in England. Maddie was a radio operator  and pilotand Julie was a Scottish spy and wireless radio operator.

Julies code name was verity.

Julie and Maddie were flying over France and they got shot in the tail of the plane. Julie jumped from the airplane and she got captured. Julie got put into a prison where she ends up writing the story of Maddie's life. because she ends up with Maddie's ID

Julie was put in a room that has only a table and a chair, and her ankles were tied to the chair. She has to write the information that would do the Nazis good.

Below is Julie         

Maddie's code name was kittyhawk.

After three weeks Julie was put in the kitchen and made the meals for the other prisoners. For three days she worked in the kitchen.

Meanwhile Maddie was trying to get on board a airplane called a Lizzie to go back to England, but Maddie and some other people's attempt fails. Maddie had to stay in France for five more weeks. Maddie was staying in a old barn at a French family's house and their son was teaching Maddie to shoot a gun. Maddie made a second attempt to get on the airplane. then Maddie found out that Julie is in the hotel near the barn and house that was turned into a prison.

Julie was going to be put into a concentration camp to be experimented on. Maddie found out that she was being sent to a concentration camp on a bus at midnight. and Maddie got to the bridge with a couple other men and set up bombs on the bridge and when the bus came it blew up the tires and guards took the prisoners out and lined them all up. There were twelve prisoners and the guards shoot six of the prisoners and the three others escape and the next three get shot in the groin and then the elbows.Then  Julie is one of the three and she's next.

Below is Maddie

Julie heard Maddie's blubbering and her face lit up with joy. Then she cried out hopefully voice KISS ME HARDY kiss me QUICK in a code to kill her while she can and quick.

Read this book to find out more.

the reason the author wrote this story was to tell how good it is to have friends to support you and that you can rely on them when you need them most.

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