Water Bowl


A.K.A. Popo, Lil' Peep-Po, Posie, Fluffalump, PeePo, Stinky, Josefina Bonita Rositalita)

Josie's Stats

  • Breed: Wire Haired Fox Terrier
  • Location: The Couch/Bed/Window
  • Age: 8 years young
  • Favorite Treat: Eggs & Noodles
  • Favorite Toy: Paper Towel Tubes
  • Favorite TV Show: House Hunters

Josie is Queen over all she presides. Her kingdom includes Livingroom Couchtopia, Windowview Barkingshire, and Mommysbed Fluffypillowston. She loves to plot ways to steal human food and executes her plans with perfection almost every time. In her spare time, she rehearses her stage act in the hopes of one day reaching the fame that Skippy (the dog who played Asta in the Thin Man Series) achieved. When not sleeping, she can be found eating, begging, looking longingly at the treat cabinet, being highly adorable or sitting in the window on high squirrel alert.

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