Identity Thief

Identity theft is where someone uses your personal information to be you! Identity theft is very serious and hard to deal with when it happens, so there are a couple steps you can take to prevent this from happening

  1. Don't give out any personal Information
  2. Do not let anyone trick you into giving your info out , be smart!
  3. Be very careful about who you give your social security # to
  4. Keep your wallet , purse, anything valuable kept  safe                                                                                                             

You always want to pay close attention to your personal bills, credit report, and bank statements for anything unusual happening! If so make a report as soon as possible!

You might ask why you would need to report it ,well here are some reasons why...

  • they can buy things with your credit cards
  • get new credit cards
  • open a phone, electricity, or gas account
  • steal your tax refund
  • get medical care
  • pretend to be you if they are arrested
  • Over all Identity theft is a very scary and hard situation to deal with, and all of these tips and step will hopefully help prevent identity theft from happening!

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