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Now that Transmog is here

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3 years ago

And I would think that could be easily set by providing more stages per item.I am not sure I believe the fact with your beneficial evaluation. To appropriate your last phrase, this is excellent for the people who don't good care much for designing and the economic system. It is not nearly as obvious it allows for a effective economic system. Although catchup for H&M is not as bad as for the other careers. If you can level LW at 100 using present growth pads, what is the factor of all the pre-WoD materials? So who would be gathering 1-89 if the products collected no more have value?
I love transmog, but I usually have one or two set locations for each of my figures. I no problem about it while stabilizing since it's too much silver (unless it's heirlooms, then by all indicates, mog away!), but once I begin getting equipment for the endgame, I concentrate more and more on transmog.

It has to experience "right" for each of my figures. Like my seeker, Hecubah. She operates around dressed in a transmog that's just like the Sentinel shield, but in natural. If you've seen her operating around Darnassus over on WyrA, that's me! And my Pandaren shaman has a amazing transmog that's a combination between Earthen Band shammy and Shado-Pan, without the rep smash for the helm (mostly because I'm sluggish and have not been operating on my rep with them like I should). Their shows on the arsenal are a little borked right now, though, plus Shenwei's transmog is set to T13 for a DS run I was going to go on.When I was new to the encounter I'd go to the AH and get equipment that printed - mostly because the questing equipment available never really did. I really liked that there were natural "sets" you could get and "complete." I'd always get the Battle Sequence set for my fighters when they hit their 30s - and all of this was even before Transmog!

Now that Transmog is here, I go to an attempt to preserve most shield I get while questing and operating dungeons, and always make sure I have something amazing to put on.With clothies, the first looms to get transmogged is the employees (if they use it) and the shoulder area. The gown is atually not that bad, the trousers are fairly amazing too. But those shoulder area ...Same factor with email users, like shamans. As soon as it'd possible I mog those shoulder area away. I have difficulties strolling around looking at those super conductorrs on the shoulder area. The kilt and chestpiece are rather amazing though, so generally I don't mog those away until about level 40-50'ish when I can get my arms on Essential Rockridge Tights.There are a few objectives I always look ahead to.

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