The Steamboat

By Jonathan G


My invention is the steamboat.


The steamboat was invented in 1787.

The Purpose:

It is a boat propelled by a steam engine,the purpose was to move cargo across the water.


Positive affects of the steamboat- faster than sailboats, made it easier to fish,opened up the american environment for people to explore

Negative affects of the steamboat- caused pollution, engine took up a lot of space that could have been used for cargo, caused lots of people to get sick, caused lung cancer, the environment was impaired because they used trees for fuel

How it works:

Burning wood or coal heats the water in the boiler until the steam pressure is very high.The pressure is released into the drive mechanism to turn the engine shaft, normally connected to one or more  paddlewheels that move the boat through the water.

Today's Version:

Today's version of the steamboat is the cargo ship because like the steamboat it can move cargo across large bodies of water.

Essential Question :

The impact that the steamboat had was that goods could be shipped to the south from the north without them going bad because the trip was a lot faster.

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