My income + career goal investigation

By: Cheyene Strickland
Computer Science Class- period 5

Description Of My search

The results from the previous worksheet showed that I am realistic, conventional, social, and artistic. Handout B career plan worksheet I picked clothes designer, nurse, and counselor.

After talking with my partner, we decided that I would look more closely to becoming a clothes designer. Here is a link to the "CareerShip" which has the link for the requirements for that career.

Fashion Designer

I will need to have a associate's degree or go to a vocational school. I will also need two years of on- the-job experience. So I will know how it is to work as a designer. Then I will need four years of working with experienced worker that have been working as a designer for a while. When im in vocational school i will have to pass a licensing exam. If I don't pass then i can not work as a fashion designer.

Academy of Art University

This college is not only for fashion. It has many other topics like being a Journalism. It all revolves around fashion. If you go to this college to be a journalism they will train you to write about fashion. The school's logo is “Journey Of A Dress”.

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Century 21

This is a job I researched on This is a clothes store.

This is amount in new york for fashion designers. It is for many designer jobs but not particular for century 21