The Murder Of JonBenet  Ramsey

JonBenet Ramsey was six year old girl found dead in her parent's basement, eight hours after she was reported missing on December 25th 1996.  In the beginning of the investigation her parents were given a ransom note that asked for $118,000, and no police intervention.  Yet as the police searched the house for any signs of a break in and found JonBenet's body in the wine cellar strangled to death, they immediately began to suspect the Ramsey's. Yet through insufficient DNA evidence to indict them, her parents, John and Patsy were never charged with her murder.  Though they were never fully cleared of it until July 2008.

Victim: JonBenet Ramsey

Mystery to be solved: Who killed JonBenet Ramsey?

Suspects: John Ramsey, Patsy Ramsey, Burke Ramsey, Intruder

Evidence: the ransom note, Hi-Tec hiking boot footprint, palm print, DNA evidence of a man that is not related to her, pubic hair

Proposed Narrator: Detective Lou Smit

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