Southeast Asia

Pagan Kingdom

This kingdom lasted from 849 to 1287. Anawartha is credited for founding the Pagan Kingdom. The religion in the kingdom was primarily Theravada Buddhism. During Anawartha's rein, art and architecture flourished. Anawartha built 5 stupas to delimit the area of the capital city. In 1287, the Mongols threatened to invade, and the ruler fled. This Kingdom was mainly focused on religion. Many Buddhist temples were built throughout the Kingdom. Although they were mainly focused on Theravada Buddhism, there were also reports about Hinduism and Animism being present too. For more on the Pagan Kingdom, press the button below.

Temple in the Kingdom

Khmer Empire

This empire lasted from 802-1431. Hinduism, along with a little Buddhism, was the main religion of the empire. Jayavarman II became the first universal ruler. The capital city was Angkor. The people were great builders, they built monumental temples, canals, and starting road work with some bridges. Throughout the year, the Khmer people had dances, horse races, wrestling, music, and fireworks. The Empire's greatest king was Jayavarman VII. During his rein, he built temples, monuments, highways, a hundred hospitals, and a Angkor Thom Complex, which was a city within Angkor. For more information on the Khmer Empire, press the button below.

Trading Kingdoms

On the island of Java, many agricultural based kingdoms arose and traded with other kingdoms and islands. The Sailendra Kingdom studied Mahayana Buddhism, and many developments in the field of art came out of it. The Srivijaya Empire, on another island, gained wealth from oversea trade. The rulers of these kingdoms and empires helped to make trade more widespread to India and China.


Vietnam lasted from 111 for almost a thousand years. Unlike other parts of Southeast Asia, whom were influenced by India,  Vietnam was influenced by China. They were influenced in areas such as clothing, language, Confucianism, Daoism, and Buddhism. Vietnam had a centralized government, which was a bureaucracy.  The Vietnamese had an army of about 300,000 men.   

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