Ancient Greece and Rome beliefs.

According to ,Greece and roman people were polytheistic wich means ,they believe in more than one god ancient Greeks for example ,were polythenistic ;there gods included Apollo,Athena, Dionusus and Zues

              The major gods and goddesses are ,Aphrodite wich is Venus ,Apollo who is Apollo ,Ares who is Mars ,Artemis who is Diana ,Athena wich is minerva , Demeter who is Ceres ,luHades who is also Pluto  ,Hephaestus who is Vulcan ,Hera who is Juno ,Hermes who is also Mercury ,Hestia who is Vesta ,Kronos who is also known as Saturn ,Persephone who is Proserpina,Poseidon who is Neptune and  Zeus  who is Jupiter

         If you didn't know the Greek and roman gods were the same just with diffrent names

        The Greek and roman people Beloved in there Gods and goddesses  much they sacrificed meat, other food and drink animals they burned the food beacause they believed the gods enjoyed the smell .the reason for the sacrifices is beacause they thought if they gave them something the gods will give something in return . I think personally it was like bribery beacaus they got something in return.

      The romans separated out there religion women were able to predict the future .men we're enable to. The men and women were able to show different ways to show they believed in the gods.

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