Touch Interactive Technology For Information Kiosks

Touchscreen display has transformed the way we interact with our computers or the tablet screens. Besides its uses in personal desktop or handheld devices nowadays, their applications have extended to public systems like ATMs or ticket booths as well. Now touch technology can be of different types namely:

  • Projected capacitive
  • Optical
  • Infrared

So what are these technologies? In optical system, the sensors remain along the edge of the screen with the infrared backlights. These are capable of identifying two different contact points simultaneously. Users require two fingers for interactions with the screen, perform functions like rotations, and zoom. Users find it quite easy to use the optical touch providing responsive and accurate experiences every time. Regular Smartphone and tablets generally use capacitive projected touch technology where instead of dual point conductive material, matrix is present layered within glass sheets.

Conductive grid here creates electrostatic field so when your finger that is a conductive material encounters the screen it distorts the electrostatic field present there. It is possible to measure this as capacitance change at that point. Finally, in infrared screens the available frame surrounds display instead of overlying on the surface as present in capacitive projected touch technology. Such touchscreen monitor solutions, Infrared LEDs remain on one part of screen and pairs of photo-detector on the other. These surround screen creating grids that cross one another and when touched, the light’s invisible beams detect interruptions or changes to grid.

Sensors related to infrared screens can accurately locate the touch point of fingers, pen, stylus, or glove. Here both the optical clarity and the durability of the touch screen are important as this system does not require any glass patterns. Since these screens lend themselves to rough use in public scenario, you will come across them commonly used at the information kiosks or retail stores. These are ideal for businesses requiring high-end digital signage and interactive displays.

These days, information kiosks are quite popular in places where the establishment or the business wants users to find their required information with ease. You will find them in various commercial and retail settings. Besides display touch screen, such system also requires connected computer terminals with custom software. Now two users can navigate across the screen at will to find the information they seek without any way to access the underlying system ensuring full security for the owners.

Today it is possible to integrate state-of-the-art technology like 3G connectivity and Wi-Fi capabilities. Since it is for use in a public setting, the touch screen panels use protective toughened glass faces. The most used commercial varieties contain all-in-one integrated touch screen meaning integration of screen with the display. Use of high specification built-in industrial computer does not contain any external devices like clip-on third party components, external computers, and cables. Different OS and configurations are available with such systems like Mac, Linux, Android, and Windows. The main benefit of interactive technology is in customer engagement the fun way.

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