Exploration Proposal

By Meadow Batten, August 2, 1512

Dear King Louis XXI,

I believe that I should go to the west because I am equipped and have the knowledge to go. If I am chosen then I will bring you all the gold, jewels, and fur we find. We shall leave August 10, 1512. The expedition will help our country expand more and help our government grow.

What I would need:

I would need a few dozen men, 2 ships, food, clothing, and protection.

What I would retrieve:

Gold, clothing, food, and fur.

Possible Problems:

If I were to go on this trip the ship could sink, we could starve, we could die of dehydration, we could get hypothermia, wildlife, or we could die of an illness there. Although they're many possibility's I am still willing to take the trip risking my life and my men's life's. Also we could run into other people, if this should happen then we shall try to make peace. If we cannot maintain peace and the rebel and try to harm us then we will use our  weapons.

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