Compare and Contrast

Alexander the  Great and Octavian/Augustus
By: Dunya Salem

Who were they?

Alexander the Great-

He was the king of Macedonia and Conqueror of the Persian Empire. He is considered one of the military geniuses of all time. As a child, he watched his father build his empire strong, they won many battles. At age 12 he showed his equestrian skill to his father and all who were watching when he tamed Bucephalus, a stallion horse, unable to be ridden and consuming the flesh of all who had tried. Alexander would ride Bucephalus in all of his major battles, together till the very end. Alexander died June 323 BC.


The future emperor Augustus was born into an equestrian family as Gaius Octavius at Rome on 23 September 63 BC. His father Gaius Died when Octavian was only four. Though he suffered from bad teeth and was generally of feeble health. His body was covered in spots and he had many birthmarks scattered over his chest and belly.  Octavian served under Julius Caesar in the Spanish expedition of 46 BC despite his delicate health. He died at Nola on 19 August AD 14, only one month away of his 76th birthday.