By: Colby LeRoy

The Union

The North. The hustle and bustle states that seem to always be on top of things. With their big factories, busy streets, people going in and out, the North never seems to settle.

The Confederacy

The South. The calm but tense land of slaves and rich plantation owners. In the Southerns lives, slavery is a way of life and way to efficient work on the plantation owners land. The South isn't as busy as the North, but just as efficient.


The red area is the Southern states and blue are the Northern states. The North are the states without slaves, and the South have slaves.                                                                        

A big difference between the two was slavery. The North believed it was inhumane for people to own other people and to treat them in such awful ways. The South believed differently. The South thought that the slaves where nothing but filth just for their race and skin color. They also believed they could treat anyway they want to. Thus being a very big difference in the war.

Views of Racism

The Southern states were full of slaves that were forced to work and were treated as non human. If a young slave dropped a chicken egg while collecting them, the child would be beaten and verbally abused. All ages were forced to work, almost until death, unless they happened to escape.

The North on the other hand, did not think kindly of slavery. Most Northern citizens treated African Americans fairly and thought of them as equals. The North had lots of businesses and most people had busy lives. Though the North was less racist to the African Americans, they had bigger responsibilities, equal to Northern white Americans.

North jobs

Above is a picture of a Northern factory and a railroad with people working on it. The North had an effective way of transporting goods to other places and destinations. This created a fast and easy way for the recipients to get what they need and get down to business.

South Jobs

Above is a picture of a Southern plantation. Slaves and guards work here as the slaves are watched so they don't try to escape while picking crops or other jobs. A plantation is owned by a man who buys slaves and pays the guards.

Views of war

The North played the part in the Civil War as the army that thought that the government and the nation should not break and should remain in Union. The South wanted to break free from the Union and form their own country. These differences made the war bloody and chaotic and the losses were many and the war was almost pointless.

What they fought for

North: Keeping the Southern states in check, making sure all states remain in the union and trying to control the rebellious South. South: Fighting to free them selves from the Union to have their own rules and new country.

In all the differences and disagreements that the Northern states and the Southern states had, they are too many to count. I have shone you the political differences, their views, what they fought for, the terrain and lifestyle, and their beliefs, etc. These two sides clashed in one of the biggest wars in world history. They are both in American history with their differences and also their similarities, as they made themselves the American Civil War.

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