Yay ! I can sail - C19

WIK/What I Know

  • Gwen didn't want Nikki and Brock there
  • Mr.Curtin is an environmentalist
  • Tom's mom has pneumonia
  • Gwen doesn't know how to sail
  • Gwen is a fast learner
  • Tom was annoyed
  • Gwen doesn't want to wear a life jacket in front of Tom
  • Tom was happy that he was with Gwen
  • Tom's dad taught him how to sail

SOE/Sequence Of Events

  • Gwen was wondering why Nikki and Brock were there
  • Gwen hugged Hector
  • Tom was coming
  • Nikki and Brock saw the Whipper Snapper 3
  • Gwen commented on Nikki's glasses
  • Tom saw Mr. Curtin
  • Brock and Nikki went to the garden
  • Tom apologized to Gwen for bringing Brock and Nikki
  • Gwen asked if Tom brought the canoe
  • Tom and Gwen are going sailing
  • Gwen is grabbing the rope
  • Gwen and Tom pushed the boat
  • Gwen and Tom got soaked by the cold water
  • Gwen started to paddle the boat
  • Gwen and Tom got the sail to move
  • Gwen kissed Tom on the lips
  • Tom kissed Gwen back


    Tom Harris : Tom is NOT a bragger. He didn't brag to Gwen saying " You can't sail I can " Tom took the time to teach Gwen how to sail. Even though, he did get annoyed he didn't give up on teaching her, and now Gwen is as good as Tom.

    Gwen Jones : Gwen tries to act cool in front of Tom,since she likes him. Gwen didn't want to wear her life jacket in front of Tom.But, Gwen doesn't understand what can happen if she doesn't.

    Snap Shot

    I'm showing this picture as my "Snap Shot" because majority of this chapter was about how Gwen and Tom went sailing together.