Maikou hi. I'm a 9th grader. I love to draw anime If any of you guys like drawing anime too. Love to dance and sing. I used to go to highland as my middle school. Im now as a freshman at central. I'm doing my best to get good grades right now too. I like to draw boys,girls,flowers,and animals. I'm interested in a lot of things, for example; creating my own manga book. I have been drawing since elementary, as time flies by I improved a lot more each year. I went to buy manga books at Barnes and noble. Over the past few years inhave been reading a lot of manga. I even had a whole collection of manga books on my bookshelf. My favorite subject at school was math because I love solving problems. it has been my favorite since middle school. I love to play volleyball because it's fun to be active. I have a lot of dreams, I always wanted to become a teacher and also wanted to create books and other stuff too.