All about me/My time as President.

My name is Thomas Jefferson. I was in 1743 in Shadwell,VA. As I grew

older, in 1776 I became governor of Virginia. In 1789 George

Washington selected of state. In 1800, at the age of 57 I was elected as

president of the United States of America. During my presidency, on

5-14-1801 Yusuf Karamini declared war. On 12-08-1801 I delivered

my first address. In February, the congress recognizes war with

Tripoli. On 5-03-1802 congress officially incorporates Washington as

a city.

My ways...

Everyone always said I was a simple, motivational person. I've been a exploring person, I

love to examine stars, planets,and comets. My temper is naturally strong, under perfect

control. My courage is cool and impressive, I've always dressed very simple, always been

a very neat person.

People I Know...

      A few people I know are James Madison, Albert Gallatin, George Washington. I know

these people from work. I worked and had a close bond with each and every one of these


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