Vocabulary Activity for Poetry

By: Sophia Atkins


Definition: Made of clear, brilliant glass

The crystal ring the husband gave his wife sparkled in the sunlight.


Definition: tough and strong

After working out for a few weeks, the man was beginning to get sinewy muscles.


Definition: strong and muscular

The man across from my house must have a strong dog, because after walking him for a week or so, everyone noticed he was more brawny than before.


Definition: minister

Everyone loved the new parson, Mr. Brown, because he was so easy to talk to.


Definition: shaped by hammering

The blacksmith always sells things that are wrought because to make the items the way he did he would have to hammer them into specific shapes and forms.


DEfinition: upper legs and hips of an animal

The dog sat on her haunches, satisfied, as she watched the frightened cat run away.