Jamaican Bobsled!

Olympics 1924

Jamaican Bobsledding is a sport that involves 2-4 people that run and hop in there cart which is sliding on ice. The front person steers with a rope while the back 1-3 is hoping he doesn't crash us. It is like a roller coster but you have to push it. Bobsled came to the Olympics in 1924 . There are separate compositions for men and women. Switzerland created bobsledding and made it a sport in 1924 also known in switzerland tobogganing. Bobsleds are made out of fiber glass and metal as the skis. Bobsleds have been a men sport until 2002 when the women's bobsled took place in the winter Olympics 2002. Bobsled requires fast running, good steering and, momentum. So if your good at those thing maybe you should try it!!!!

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