Somalia is a country that borders Ethiopia on the eastern tip of Africa.  Currently, Somalia is in a time of crisis.  It is the stage of great famine, political corruption, as well as genocide.  Somalia is currently a state in anarchy.  In fact, many warlords vie for power because of the absence of a centralized authority.  "Somalia has been without an effective central government since 1991...  after the clan-based militias overthrew Barre", says the EnoughProject.  This lack of a responsible authority is a integral part of Somalia's anarchy.  

Somalia's troubles started during the 1960 annex of British Somaliland and Italian Somaliland.  While it seemed fine to put all of the people in that region together, many of the people were of different ethnicities, and ethnic tensions grew.  These tensions as well as ineffective leaders led to the overthrow of the president Barre in 1991.  These tensions added to the lack of an effective government led to the civil war.

Somalia is still involved in a civil war between different opposing groups.  The war is for the most part fought with infantry weapons and some more complicated weapons such as tanks.  Many attempts to relieve the country have failed, because the Somalian factions do not want the issue of power to settle down, because it may be bestowed to an undesirable group.  

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