Emmit Till

When Emmit  found out that his cousins were going back to Money, Mississippi he begged his great uncle and mother to go with  them. His mother didn't want him to go to Money because he was a silly boy.He thought every thing was fun and game and his mom thought it would be dangerous for him to go to the south.Before he left his mom gave him his fathers ring that had L.T on it. So that she will always be with him.

    Emmit was a very brave boy. Three days after he got there him and a group of teens walked to a store to get refreshments after a day of picking cotton. When Emmit went in he asked for some bubble gum and when he gave her the money he touched the lady hand. When he walked out she went to her car. When she went to her car Emmit whistled at her.

   Emmit was also thoughtless. He is thoughtless because his mother told him when he walked  past a white lady he is supposed to hold his head down and don't say anything. Therefor he knew what would happen but he did it anyways.  So he is disobedient also because he didn't listen to his mom because he thought everything was funny.

He was killed in Money Mississippi.

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