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ONE SOCI - Manage And Update Your Facebook Page While You Sleep



When you search “Advantages of using Facebook for your business” on google, you see this: About 66.300.000 results (0.38 seconds).

All these pages go on listing such benefits as:

Facebook has over a billion users…that number of potential customers aren’t there on any other social network. It already has people addicted to it.

This means you do not have to look for customers – they are already there.

Having your business on Facebook through a fan page or a group is a great way to learn more about your customers. Through comments or posts, you get to have direct feedback and conversations with your target audience. The people who like your fan page or join your group are only there because they want to be.

True, true and a hundred times TRUE!

There was a time when Social Media was optional for business owners. Not any more…

Customers are more informed and value conscious than ever before. Before purchasing anything, people like to do research online and find out the credentials of your business or product. Being present on Facebook shows your customers that you are genuine and that your brand is actively engaging with people. This lets customers know more about you and your company and in turn encourages sales.

BUT…Hold on.

Most people feel that simply having a page or a group on Facebook is enough to help their company. It cannot be further from the truth.

In fact, if you are not going to use it properly, then it can be more disadvantageous than not being on Facebook.

Your Facebook Page Needs To Be Managed.
Every Business Needs To Be Managed.
Every Department Needs To Be Managed.

Nonstop at that!!

You will also get 2 exclusive bonuses pack, 1 from Onesoci Official, and one premium packs from us!

Main Bonus #1
FB Lead Retargeting

Boost the effectiveness of your advertising with FB Lead Retargeting!

Valued @ $47

Main Bonus #2
Supa Pack 1926 HD Marketing Graphics

Use these 1,926 HD Marketing Graphics and give your marketing effort a big boost shooting your conversions to the roof.!

Valued @ $97

Main Bonus #3
FB Business Finder

Windows + MAC desktop software that generates hundreds of leads within seconds. These leads are local business owners who have an FB Fan page, but don’t have a timeline cover. This will allow your customers to build up a prospect-list very soon, and they can quickly get paid!

Valued @ $97

Main Bonus #4
300 Logo Templates

300 Ready-Made Unique Logo Design Templates with PSD files included.

Valued @ $197

Main Bonus #5
Facebook Buzz

This software generates information from your prospects' accounts in seconds allowing you to save time spent on manually researching yourself!

Valued @ $97

Main Bonus #6
FB Survey

FB Survey is a powerful WordPress plugin that helps you to create surveys in a matter of minutes, you can build awesome survey without any hassle of arranging things, just put up the questions and then you are ready to go.

Valued @ $67

Main Bonus #7
FB Redirect Pro

FB Redirect Pro allows you to put external links on your Facebook Page.

Valued @ $97

Main Bonus #8
Facebook Ads MasteredLearn to create ads that are effective using these 5 tips:
- Mobile only ads
- Ads for your mobile app
- Retargeting
- Experiment with your page posts
- Rotate your creative designValued @ $47

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