The Problems With Water

By: Paige Price

Define: We need save our water. If we don't save our water we might not have any water to take showers,drink,or water plants. When people throw away trash it ends up in a landfill. Sometimes if the land fill gets full they have to put the trash in oceans. Have you heard of the Great Pacific Landfill? It's a ocean landfill in the Pacific ocean. If too much trash gets into the water more animals will go extinct. And food chains will be destroyed. And here are already, lots of habitats and food chains are ruined due to water pollution. I don't want more of that.

Discover: Pollution started when technology started to be invented in the world. Water pollution is considered to be the second most important environmental problem in the world

Dream: I think that a good solution is to talk to people that work with landfills around the Missouri area and ask them why landfills are overflowing?, what can we do to convince people to recycle more?, and why is it getting in to water ways?

Design: I am going to contact the Independence Missouri Landfill. I'm need to know information about why is trash getting into our water ways. I have a creek behind the fence of my school, called Shoal Creek. (school called Shoal Creek for that reason.) When it rains the creek water sometimes turns the water darker. All the time I see aluminum cans, paper, and wrapper in the creek. If that trash gets in the stream it can lead to pollution. Don't litter, just wait in till you get in side and recycle.

Conclusion: I have a dream to stop water pollution, not only that but to help other people stop too. If you are reading this you've made water pollution just by throwing a water bottle or any recyclable in the trash. You might be thinking, "So, that doesn't effect me?!?" Oh, but it does! Say one day pollution takes over the seas, but your family isn't aware of that. Your mom decides to have fish for dinner. You go to the market to get fish but there is none. All of our food depend on fish or other plants in the sea. Some medicine's comes from the sea. What will stop illness's? As you can see we need the sea for many different reasons. This is a human made problem, if we don't stop it might lead to dooms day, we need to fix it now before it's over.

We don't want this to happen more do we? greenliving.lovetoknow

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