Mobile Apps for a K-12 Classroom

With apps for Apple Products

This tackk will explore 5 mLearning tools that can be downloaded from the app store, especially for Apple products. These apps are guided towards secondary education students in the high school setting.


  • Shakespeare Pro is composed of complete works of William Shakespeare, including Hamlet, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet as well as 40 other plays. This allows reader to read play on the go, such as on the bus home from school or in the car on the way to extracurricular activities.
  • This could be used in the K-12 setting to allow students to take copies of the works home with them. When I was in high school studying Shakespeare, we only had a class set that we shared with other students which limited our interaction with the text. This app could also allow students who are interested in Shakespeare to read more than just his most popular works. It would also be a great resource for students to use over several years of schooling, not just one class.


  • Socrative is a student-response system enables you to assess in real time -- via multiple-choice, short-answer, and true-false questions -- how much of the material your students understand. Students enter their answers on their own devices, allowing them the privacy to answer truthfully, and results are tabulated immediately.
  • This could be used in a K-12 classroom to help teachers gauge a better understanding of what material they need to cover more thoroughly. It also allows the teacher to get informations from all students in the class in a timely manner. The anonymity allows for the teacher to assess the classes understanding instead of only a select few students.


  • The Chemical Touch app allows for the periodic table comes alive with an app that provides detailed info on the elements, standard amino acids, and nucleases. It allows students to click on elements and interact with them.
  • In a K-12 setting this would be especially beneficial for students that are visual learners. Using an interactive app such as this one, would allow for students to have the periodic table open and accessible while doing assignments while allowing space in their backpacks for textbooks etc. More interaction would allow for students to better memorize where the elements are placed and what their symbols are. Many students are familiar with the placement of keys on a keyboard due to texting, the same could happen through the use of this app.


  • The Khan Academy  app with a library of educational resources and over 4,200 videos and articles only reinforces this notion. The articles touch on many different subjects and even have subtitles.
  • This app is helpful in the K-12 classroom because it allows for an addition "teacher". There are several ways of teaching material and Khan academy will allow students to learn it at their own pace and even through a different technique than their teacher taught them in. Videos allow for visual representation of topic such as math and science which is very helpful. This would allow give more time to the teacher to walk around and help with individual needs instead of trying to teach for the class as a whole. This could even allow for a flipped classroom.


  • MyScript Calculator is an impressive app that emphasizes ease of use for calculating numbers. By writing the problem in one’s own handwriting, the app will automatically compute the solution and generate the answer.
  • This app would be beneficial in the K-12 setting for those students who are not fluent in the language of instruction. The app allows for the use of your own writing and therefore makes it easier for a student that has a device without typical keyboard. It has also been proven that student learn better when they interact with material, so writting out the problems would help them to practice the material and better improve their memory of the topic.

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