Eric's & Sara's pizzas

This is the most biggest and it's cheapest!


You want to go with your friends? This is the best local to smile and be happy! :)


  • Extra: You have to choose 15 items that you like. It's the most biggest in the restaurant. It's for 5 persons. Cost: 20€
  • Cheese.....: Do you want a especial ingredient? In this restaurant you can! You have to choose one more ingredient for the pizza.Cost:5€
  • The pizza happy: Bacon, ham, tomatoe and olives. Cost: 10€
  • The funny: Barbacue and mushrooms. Cost: 10€
  • Cares pizza: Barbacue with a lot of sauce and a lot of cheese, meat and pepperoni.Cost:8€
  • The kind: 4 cheeses! Cost: 7€
  • The beautiful: Olives, ham and cheese. Cost: 7€
  • Fantastic: Hamburger and sausage. Cost: 5€


  • Coca-cola, water or fanta with the menu.
  • Nestea, trina and nesquik: 2€

Deserts(with the menu):

  • Ice-cream: chocolate, oreo, cream, vanilla or mint and chocolate.
  • Iogurt: strawberry and natural.

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