Personal Touch

Alex  Searle

Stars twinkle to the lights, in the distance

The lovers' eyes meet across the floor, just another godly instance
I can't recall a better time;
On top of the world in a relish of applause
But had you read between the lines
You'd've seen the confusion that love had caused

Actor becomes the part
The deeper relations factor
And so over the edge of art
Is where role becomes the actor

There's something more; a personal touch
Lost in the act to a moment's gush
Nothing staged in the guilded cage
As we accede to the limelight
As we receed from the brighter light
(Back to the start, the edge of art)
(And I feel your touch)

Mind mazes and day dazes
I stopped cold at your starry eyed gazes
Cast in a glimpse
Cast into the fire caves of love
Slave to your insidious flame, shackled and bare
You should never have returned my stare

And if by bittersweet chance it all rings true
I'll remember our dance twenty years' through
Your love
If nothing else

And the winter leaves do nothing but curse
My feeble lonely freeverse
Of magic chances lost in vain
Of self-pity in silent pain
So many years later the same taunting truth
I look through the yellowed blinds in a senile moan
'On the shore of the wide world I stand alone'