"Goodnight, Hope To Meet You In My Dreams"

by anonymous

I Believe

I believe in the power of pride,
the power of music,
the strength of love through distance,
the voices in the wind,
the ups and downs of life ,
honesty , love , faith ,
But something I don’t believe in letting the person over you win because you’ll always be good enough .
I believe in self worth ,
I believe in being yourself ,
I believe in hard work ,
Consistency ,Family , Christ ,

And I believe in Love and being yourself.

The Words Of My Life.

This relates to me personally because of my thing with distance with my “other half”. The credo means even if we can’t see each other we could see each other in our dreams.

The way I believe in this credo is because of my long distance relationship Forest City, North Carolina and my “Other Half” lives all the way in Rockford, Illinois about 12 hours away from here flying it’s about 1 hour and 41 minutes. I got it from someone else that I know that has an amazing relationship with her long distance lover before they had the chance the too he told her this every night before she went to bed and I always thought it was cute. It’s also a way to see pasted loved ones and getting time with them.

This credo is important to me because no matter if it’s distance or that person has past you can always see that person in your dreams. That no matter what you’ll be able to see that person and think about them. The reason why I Feel like this is important is because you can always be with that person in your dreams.

I don’t really believe that my credo would change it means much more to me than anything. The action that might change it is if me and that person had broken up but it wouldn’t completely change. The way it would help would be motivation to find a way to see that person and keep pushing until we get to be together.

(con) Why it’s significant to me is because it kind of shapes my life and it’s a big part of my life. I would challenge the people that have the same problem as me to follow this credo. The way I think it would be beneficial is that it gets you thought the tough times and makes you smile and feel better.

by Jontaè Littlejohn

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