The gardener by s.a. bodeen

Jovanny Rodriguez

before reading the gardener i thought it was going to be about hungry kids

evolution is the gradual development of something especially from a simple to a more complex form

a heterotroph an organism requiring organic compound for its principal source of food

photosinthesis is the prosses in which plants and some other organisms use sunlight to synthesis foods from carbondioxide and generales ooxide as any product.

autotroph is a organism that produces complex organic compound .

his mother keeps secrets because she dose not want mason to know that his father works at trodyne. the others doubt wake up because each kid has a story .climat change it the change is in the average. food crisis ocures when rates of hungry malnutrition rise sharply author local national or global levels. climate change can effect the food crisis that has to grow and will make it really hard to live.

the dear cuter generations sorry is about when the climate changes and they cut trees for the gardener and deer future generations sorry discuss about people that are hungry and have no water or food to live .

the setting of the story is in trodyne cuz that's were they have the kids. mason father is an autotrophs .trodyne is were masons mom worked.its good because you can live longer and help the earth.

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