UTA Reflection

Destiny Mitchell

My 1st thought was kind of like an amazed thought. I was like, ''Wow, this place is huge!''. The part I enjoyed the most was when the Science Ambassadors used the dry ice to shrink the balloons and when they put the colorful mix on their hands and  they used the fire to make it dissapear. It was my favorite part because it was cool and scary at the same time. My least favorite part was when we watched the 1st video they showed. It was my least favorite part because it made my legs hurt. One suggetion I have for next year is not make people sit for so long because it makes kids' legs hurt and it makes them enjoy it less. I would not consider applying for UTA because I have already considered my college choices and UTA does not have anything to major in that is relavant to my future carrer choice. The colleges I already considered, Texas A&M and TCU, have options and choices in which I can major in, concluding why I wouldn't apply at UTA.

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