By: Autumn Haug

Capital: Guatemala City

The currency in Guatemala is called the Guatemalan quetzal.
One U.S. dollar is $7.82 in Guatemalan quetzal.

Major Exports and Imports-
Guatemala major exports a lot of raw sugar(12%), coffee(8%), bananas and plantains(6%), metal ores(5%), and nutmeg(3%).
Guatemala's major imports are petroleum oils(17%), transmission apparatus for electronics(3%), cars(2%), and knit or crochet fabric(5%)

Three Main Cities-

1. Guatemala City (994,938)

Mixco (473,080)

Villa Nueva (406,830)

Tourist Attractions-

El Mirador- It was an ancient Mayan city, the ruins of it are open for the public, but it's located in the jungle.

Livingston- located on the Caribbean coast, can only be reached by boat.

Volcan Pacaya-an active volcano, last erupted May 27, 2010.

Volcan Pacaya erupting

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