My legacy

Emmanuel Igor

My image in front of people is that I'm am very nice to people like I ask them how is there day or how they're doing. I am also a very hard worker so I finish my work to the best of my ability.

If I would change something about my self I would try to talk more to people when I'm In a conversation because when I'm with people I would just listen to what they're saying and would not add anything to what they're saying I would either just sit there and listen to them.

Yes people see me they I want to be seen because I like to be a good student and focus on my work in class so I could get a good mark in all my assignments. So I would like people to see me as a hard working person.

When I'm online posting stuff I am very nice because when I see a post to help people or I love my family or something like that I would repost it  so people can know that I am a caring and nice person who cares about others.

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