Chocolate Mousse For French Dayzz

By: Abby Bray

Link to Video: French Cooking


Abby: Bonjour! Je m'appelle Abby!

Nous allons faire chocolate Mousse!

Abby: Now before we make this delicious dessert we should take some time to know a little background on the dessert. Mousse is the french word for "Foam", while chocolate is of course french for "Chocolat". The dessert was created as a specialty of french chefs in the late 1800's. Chocolate Mousse can be made very quickly, sometimes as little as 10 minutes.

Chocolate Mousse Ingredients-

Abby: The ingredients are...

*la crème                            

*Une cullère à café de deux la vanille

*le sel

*quatre oeufs

*le sucre

*and of course Chocolat


*le bol à mixer

*le fouet



Je batts la crème, la vanilla, et le sel.

Batts les oeufs dans un bol, j' ajoute le sucre.

J'ajoutee le chocolat foudu à oeuf, et mélanger.

J' ajoute la crème fouettèe et je le mélange.

Efin je saupoudre de copeaux de chocolat sur le dessert.


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