• how does a flood form?

A flood forms when too much snow melts and lets the water build up and fill the streets.  A flood can also be where heavy rain will also fill the homes/stores Etc... and or grass.

  • What is a flood?

A flood is where heavy rain or snow drowns living and non living things, and covers much of the land.

How Does A Flood Effect Living things?

A flood can do a lot of dammage such as

  • Kill Plants, Animals, and Humans
  • can end up dammaging a lot of living things bones and habbitates
  • Can also drown a whole city

How Can We Prevent Floods From Damaging homes?

Here Are Some Ways To Prevent Damaged homes  :

  • make a flood wall
  • seal the building with some water proof render ( coat of plaster that keeps out water)

Here Are Some Historical Floods

  • On November 26, 2005 New Delhi, India 75 people had died and 53 people were injured due to rising flood waters .  
  • On February 27, 1938 "The Los Angeles Flood Of 1938" had occured  there were 115 deaths and was a very devestating time for L.A
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