Democratic Republic of Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo has been experiencing a huge increase in population. It's population increase is relatively small compared to many other countries, at 119%. However Congo is expected to over double its current size of 67.8 million and add on 81 million people by the year 2050.

In the US, the average GDP is $48,665, while in Congo, the average GDP is a small $343. The problem of overpopulation can lead to a smaller amount of money coming in every year, which will destroy Congo even further.

A few potential solutions to these problems include social and economic reform of the country, provided by the United Nations. These reforms may include political posters supporting abstinence, the use of condoms and birth control. Another method to aid in the population increase is to provide less medical care to those who will not survive without. It sounds very harsh, but a productive member of the country cannot be bed ridden and taking too many payoffs, especially at an old age. One final solution is to limit the amount of immigration into the country, in which will help the local economy and keep the population balanced.

If the solutions stated above were to be put into place, the United States would have to do somewhat of a military invasion. Printing presses and factories would have to be put into work quickly which wouldn't be much of an issue, but somewhat costly. Finally the unfortunate truth of holding back medical supplies to those in strong need. It may be cruel and harsh, but it would be a heavy need for the country.

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