Ancient Egypt

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The Nile river was extremely important for life in Egypt. Without it, their would be no food nor trading. The Nile flows completely backwards from our stander. The Egyptians were keen and smart and they figured out when to plant crops in correlation to the flooding of the Nile. When the Nile flooded, it brought fertile soil for planting crops and that's one of the reasons the Egyptians had so much food. Without the Nile, all of Egypt would be desert and only about 2.5 centimeters of rain fall each Year! It is very hot their because its a desert but their are some mountains near southern Egypt and valleys near the Nile river.

Stable Food Supply

As i have said before, the Nile is so important to Egyptian life including food. One of their main foods eaten nearly every day, was bread and cereal. Wheat and barley were very important crops for their diet. They also ate fruits and vegetables and fish was a popular food in Egypt. The poor would enjoy meats like geese, ducks, quails, and other birds. The rich would lean more toward beef and lamb and only the poor ate this at festivals. Pork was eaten and enjoyed between the rich and poor. Something very odd to us is that they rarely ever drank water because the water from the Nile was full of germs. It was full of germs because people did not have anywhere else to go to the bathroom so they went in the Nile. Their were close to no wells in Egypt that had Fresh drinking water. Instead of water, they drank beer they brewed from the crop barley. Everyone drank the beer, kids, parents, aunts and uncles and even grandparents! Fun fact about their food, they did not have any utensils, they ate Everything with their fingers. Two things they did use the Nile for was cooking and bathing.

Written Language

The Egyptians wrote in an odd way compared to us. Instead of our 26 letter alphabet, they used an alphabet of over 1000 letters, symbols, and sounds! This strange writing is known as hieroglyphics. They wrote hieroglyphics on a lot of places, most commonly on walls and clay tablets. But more uncommonly, they wrote on a type of paper they made back then called papyrus. Papyrus was made from a type of reed named... papyrus! The way we figured out most of their language was pretty simple, a french soldier found a stone called the Rosetta stone in the city of Rosetta. On this stone was Hieroglyphics and Greek language and this meant we could decript most hieroglyphics using the Greek language.

Social Structure

Their are three essential ways you can look at this social pyramid. One would be seeing how many their are of that one group, another way would be their wealth and the last one would be their social status. Slaves, servants, and peasants are the biggest part of the pyramid, but their at the very bottom. Their not that important, their not wealthy, and theirs a whole lot of them. That is why their the biggest part of it, but their at the very bottom. These same rules apply to All other social classes, except the Pharaoh. The Pharaoh has an exception... theirs only one! Their the wealthiest, most important person of Egypt and that's why their at the very top and their piece is so small.

The Arts

Egyptian Art and Religion were tied together very well and were usually next to each other all the time. The tombs of the great Pharaohs were decorated to where their was no room left! They were filled with paintings, sculptures and all this art was believed to help the Pharaohs in the After-life. Temples and palaces also held vast amounts of artwork also including paintings and statues of all their gods. Out of all the Egyptian artwork, their sculptures and statues are the most well known. Just a few examples of many of their sculptures and statues are the Great Sphinx Of Giza and many, many statues of one of the greatest and well known Pharaohs, Ramses II.


The ancient Egyptians were very creative, they made many things. Giant things like their palaces and pyramids and smaller and simpler things like ramps. levers, and their system of government. One of their most important inventions was their written language, hieroglyphics. Inventing writing was a great idea because now its easier to keep track of what was going on in Egypt. The Egyptians also had a very wide variety of medicines and some were Very quite strange. Some of their medicines were meant to ward off evil spirits and to cure infections. They used very weird ingredients like human brain. Because of the Nile river, shipbuilding was very important to the Egyptians for trading purposes. They built their smaller boats out of papyrus reeds and their larger boats with cedar wood. Two funny and strange inventions they created were makeup and toothpaste.

System Of Goverment

Egypt had one ruler that really did own all of Egypt. This very famous and lucky person was called the Pharaoh and he rightfully owned every person and object in ancient Egypt. But all that power was way to much for one person so the Pharaoh had many upon many government officials to help him.

Hatshepsut- She was best known for being the most powerful women Pharaoh. She has this amazing title because she was very keen and strong.

Ramses II- Ramses was best known for being the greatest pharaoh ancient Egypt ever had. He was a very strong military leader and had many statues built for him.

Khufu- His most very famous and most important achievement was building the great pyramids. These giant wonders of the ancient world started from him.

Senusret- He was a strong leader of Egypt but also promoted the arts greatly. Literature, art, and architecture went crazy during his reign.

The way these Pharaohs kept Egypt safe was by having a giant, well trained army and very good defenses.


Ra- Ra was the god of creation and the Egyptians believed he created the world. He looks like a falcon with a sun one his head.

Anubis- Anubis is shown as a wild dog or a jackal. He was the god of death and funerals and he was also known to supervise embalming. He was also thought to protect the dead.

Osiris- Osiris is portrayed as a human figure.He was apparently murdered by his brother Seth, who was jealous of his spot as king. Osiris's wife found him dead but brought him back to life and was deemed the god of the underworld. All Pharaohs became an Osiris when they passes away.

Horus- Horus is portrayed as a falcon and is also known as a sky god. Horus was also the son of Osiris, the god of the underworld.He lost an eye after battling Osiris's jealous brother, Seth. Horus was the god that gave all Pharaohs their power.

The Ancient Egyptians believed in an After-life. After-life was like heaven to us but they called it the land between two fields. In the very beginning, only Pharaohs could board Ra's boat to the after-life but the god Osiris changed that and everyone that was eligible could go to the after-life. To be eligible to go to the after-life, you could not just die, you needed to have a light heart. To have a light heart, you could never commit any crimes or do bad things and you needed to have done some good deeds. These beliefs were so important because without them, their would be little to none Egyptian culture. Almost everything in Egypt revolves around their religion and beliefs.


Surprisingly, their are many connections you and I can make with ancient Egypt. I'm only going to state a few connections but their are many others you can find out for yourself. The section I am going to be doing my connections on is technology. Technology has literally been around since the first human was born. One thing us and the Egyptians had was a written language even though our languages are VERY different. They wrote in a language of over a 1000 symbols, letters, and sounds compared to our tiny 26 letter alphabet. We also had a system of government even though ours was pretty different from theirs. They even had tiny things that we barely take into consideration like medicine, paper, even toothbrushes and makeup! To evolve and survive, we have to be constantly upgrading and making new technology. Without it, we would never of been where we are today and we wouldn't be going into the future either. Shipbuilding was also so very important because of the Nile. Trading was so common in Egypt because of shipbuilding and the Nile river. In conclusion, ancient Egypt is a spectacular treasure trove of beautiful art, an interesting religion, and so many other things!

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