Robert Frost

Born March 26, 1874. In San Francisco, CA.

  Despite being born in San Francisco, Robert Frost moved to New England at the age of eleven. After high school Frost was enrolled to Harvard University, but did not get a formal college degree. Frost then floundered through a number of professions such as a teacher, cobbler, and newspaper editor. In 1895 Frost married a girl that he went to high school with, and who soon became the inspiration for some of his works.  Her name was Elinor Miriam White. Frost died a teacher and a very successful writer on January 29, 1963.

  Robert Frost published his first poem in November, 1894. Frost became friends with a poet who helped promote and publish his works, named Ezra Pound. Many consider Frost as one of the forefathers of modern poetry. Many of Frost's poems describe the life and landscape of New England. Frost became so successful that he was the most widely read poet in the United States, and he won the Pulitzer Prize four times.