"The most complicated skill is to be simple."

by Dejan Stojanovic

I Believe

I believe in the power of freedom,

the freedom of belief,

the freedom to be different,

the power to be free,

the greatness to be strong, young, wild and free,

But I don’t believe in to much power and control.

I believe in flowing your dreams,

I believe in god my father,

I believe in flying,going beyond the end,being yourself, love and happiness,

And I believe in all that is right, flowing what you think is right, Changing for others, Believing in what you want.

The Words I Live By

My Credo is “The most complicated skill is to be simple.” ― Dejan Stojanovic. It means that don’t be simple because being simple is very hard to do so go beyond and above everyone else.

I adopted this credo because I like freedom because when you are just a kid you don’t get much freedom. No I have never heard this credo anywhere, I am growing up and learning things on my own and form others. No I didn’t hear this form a movie I did find this online and I said well this fits me well.

This beliefs are important to me because I don’t want to be simple I want to be extraordinary I want to feel important in this world I want to be somebody. I want to do what other I can’t. When I was going up my family always told me that I was gonna be a nobody. I think my credo it is important because it will help me get though things he says who I am, who I will be and who I want to be and help me be determined.

No, my credo will not change but I think it will just grow and more understanding will be given. Well I don’t see any actions that would make me change my mind about this one. It will help me be different when I grow up and go own to do great things

Yes, My credo is significant to me because it tell who I want to be and helps me remember my prepose her on earth.I would challenge others to do this. I do wish that other follow this because I believe that everyone should go above and beyond there potential i say you haven’t tried until you try hard enough. It will also help them reach where they might want to go in life it want hurt to do the right things or to believe in something as long as it is fully good. “Don’t let evil conquer you but conquer evil by doing good.” - Romans 12:21

By Malcolm Littlejohn

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