¿What is Architecture?

In all disciplines, architecture provides a means for solving a common problem: assuring that a building, or bridge, or composition, or book, or computer, or network, or system has certain properties and behaviors when it has been built. Put another way, the architecture is both a plan for the system so that the result can have the desired properties and a description of the built system. According to the earliest surviving work on the subject, Vitruvius On Architecture, good building should have Beauty, Firmness, and Utility; architecture can be said to be a balance and coordination among these three elements, with no one overpowering the others.

It is a mistake to think of “an architecture” as if it were a simple entity that could be described by a single document or drawing. Architects must make many design decisions. To be useful, these decisions must be documented so that they can be reviewed, discussed, modified, and approved, and then serve to constrain subsequent decision making and construction. For software systems, these design decisions are behavioral and structural.

Dueñas Bañuelos Kenia

Group 2, 4th Semester

Comprehension of Documents of Architecture

Teacher: Cesar Covarrubias

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