The Patriot's Deflate-gate

The National Football League's New England Patriots have been accused of deflating the footballs in the AFC Championship Game against the Indianapolis Colts. The balls were checked before the game for their presure, and when Brady threw an interception in the first half, the Colts checked the ball's pressure and found it was below what the rules said it could be. The low pressure in the ball gives an unfair advantage to the quarterback, allowing him to grip the ball better. Many fans are mad about this and want a penalty. This is the second time the Patriots have been accused of cheating in recent years. They cheated in 2007, spying on another team. The League has not released much information about the investigation, but they are expected to do something before the Super Bowl to make sure they don't recieve too much controversy. The Patriots have denied cheating. Likely the Patriots will be given some consequence, but it is hard to tell how severe it will be right now.

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Gillette Stadium is where the Patriots play and where the Deflate-gate happened.

This is Tom Brady, the quarterback for the accused Patriots.
This is the coach of the Patriots, who may be part of the cheating.
This is Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the NFL, who has to decide if their will be punishment.
Kids, don't eat this cereal!
This is a political cartoon about the deflate-gate.
This is an example of an exaggeration that people use to emphasize the balls being deflated.

This article explains Bill Belichick's reaction to being accused of cheating.

This article gives former players and coaches' opinions on thinking the Patriots cheated.

This website gives more information on the rules of inflating the balls, and it also gives information on how deflating the balls doesn't give you much of an advantage.

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