Final Project

In the all about me project I found out that my personality type is categorized as an extrovert. Also this will help me in the future with learning and looking for jobs that fit my personality.

In Assignment #2 I learned my learning type, and the best way for me to learn. This will help me with school in the future.

The Program Comparison assignment taught me the pros and cons between different colleges I would like to attend. This will help me in the future choosing the school I would like to attend.

The entrepreneurship preject taught me about becoming an entrepreneur and what skills it takes to become one. This will help me in the future if I ever want to start up my own business.

This assignment taught me how to write a cover letter. This is a very valuable thing to know how to do and will really come in handy in the future.

Practice Interview Questions

         - How would your friends describe you?

         - Why are manholes round?

         - What are your weaknesses?

         - Why should we hire you?

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