Super Cars By Seth


The first fastest car in the world a Bugatti has cost 150,000 for a long time. They are very cool cars and good ones to they have a big company and one of the fastest per dowsing car companies in the world.


A Lamborghini is the 2nd fastest car in the world they`ve had a big company for years and years they are cool cars and fast car. They`ve improved a lot there making more cars than they were before back then there a lot better cars and a lot more cool cars.


A Ferrari is the third fastest car in the world they have a world record for the biggest company and factory and museum. They are a good car and cool ones to they were very fast cars back then they were cool back then but not as fast. But was fast enough to win three championships trophies.


A Porsche is a very small car but can get very fast it’s the fourth fastest car in the world. It can’t hold a lot of people but are very good cars they have a lot of company’s all over the world. But are cool cars and a good price for a car but are cool fun and good cars.